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A Tumbling Magnet Electrical Generating System

Simple explanation: We place a small magnet in a container, such as a film can, with a wire wrapped around it. Another magnet, outside the container passes by the film can causing the magnet inside to tumble. When the magnet in the container flips, it induces a current in the coil to power the lights. Its elemental! (Find 2 magnets and try it!)

The advantages of this system:

1. High efficiency.
Why is this system so efficient? In this system the internal magnet always tumbles at a fast speed inside the coil, even when the external magnet passes close to it only at a slow speed. As we know, the faster the magnetic field changing inside a coil, the stronger current in the coil. In testing on a bike, it was able to make more than 20 LEDs flash even at low speeds. The magnets do the work, not you!

2. High flexibility.
Because the internal magnet is not fixed inside the coil, the lights will flash regardless of the speed or direction of the external magnet. In other words, in this system, electrical pulses can be generated by a very slow moving magnet (which other generators may not be able to achieve).

Note: Some people wrote to us, saying they do not believe there is no drag in this dynamo. Technically, there is a drag force but only between the two magnets. Unlike typical dynamos there is no scraping against the tire to slow down the bike itself. On a real bicycle, even the drag force between the two magnets is too small to be detected.

To prove this, leave the bicycle wheel from ground, make the wheel turning, then let the wheel turning by itself, you will see the lights still flash even the wheel turns at a very, very low speed. (See a short Film) Right click here to download a 7MB AVI film file. (Broadband internet line and Windows Mediaplayer 7 (or up) are required).