Science Kit DIY Instruction
A No-Friction Bicycle Dynamo

How this dynamo works? Click here

Warning: The magnets in this kit are every strong, please handle with care.

Tools. (You also need super-glue and clear silicone sealant)

Parts in package.

11 is a ball magnet.
12 are 2 block magnets on bike's wheel (Moving magnets).
4 is a already made 5000 turns coil.
13 are 3 white front LEDs.
14 are 3 red rear LEDs.
15 is a 1N4148 diode
16 is a 5.1V zener diode.

Now, start!

First, make generator unit.

Geneartor is ready now.

Next, make 3 front LEDs set (all parts here).

Start from soldering first 2 white LEDs on board. (The soldering points must be very neat, there is only 2mm high space for soldering points)

Above 4 pictures shows how to make front 3 white LEDs, diodes and bendy stick together

Now, start connect front 3 white LEDs, generator and 3 rear red LEDs together. make sure place wires inside heat shrink sleeve before soldering.

Details of 3 red LEDs connection.

Whole system. (Make sure the 3 red LEDs tube also sealed with clear silicone sealant)

Stick silicon anti-slip mats on two plastic parts by drops of Super-glue (as this picture shown).

Now a No-friction bicycle dynamo with bendy sticks (P1B) is ready to be installed onto a bicycle!
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