(Please read text and examine pictures carefully before start installation)

The generator unit can be installed at different places on your bike (see pictures). Feel free to experiment with the best position for the unit on your bike.

To attach, sandwich both the back clamp piece and the generator around the frame slide the bolts through and screw the nuts in place. Tighten down the generator adjusting for the gap. You will make a final tightening at the end. Please adjust the generator at right position before ride (see step 7 below), otherwise your left foot may crash on it. Non label side facing the wheel.

Make sure there is no metallic (iron, steel) parts within 50mm radius from center of the generator.

Step 2: Attach the back light by sliding the remaining two ties through the respective holes, and closing the ties followed by cinching close the ties around the seatpost section of your frame. If it is necessary to attach the light to the seat post, the extra slack in the wire will allow the post to adjust later.

Step 3: Attach front lights.

Step 4: Attach wire on the frame by cable ties.

If some extra wires left, fold them and tie them up as this picture shown.


Step 5: Attach block magnets (Moving Magnets) on spokes. (The strong block magnets are made from fragile Neodymium material, please handling with care).

(1) Make a mark by a Mark-Pen on a spoke (opposite of center of generator unit).

(2) Stuck a block magnet at the marked place on the spoke by magnetic force.

What to do if spokes are made from stainless steel and the magnets cannot be stuck on? Click here

(3) Cover the block magnets and spoke with tape to prevent dust and rust.

Step 6: 2 parts of moving magnets on wheel (180 degree between them).

Step 7: Before tight up everything, make sure there is a gap between the moving magnets and the generator unit (as picture shown). The gap is about 0.5cm, the smaller gap, LEDs will flash brighter. Please make sure the generator unit is not touched by the moving magnets.

If you are installing a "Non-standby lights version" (product code: P1) of the dynamo, it's done!

How to install a standby lights switch on a bicycle (product code: SPL)? Click here.

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