Questions and Answers

How much voltage and current does this dynamo generate?
About 7V, 25mA pulses.

Why only 2 of front white LEDs (top row) are flashing when my bicycle is moving?
This is nature of the product if you bought a standby lights version of this dynamo (product code: SPL). the low row 2 white LEDs are standby lights, they are only lit when you hold back brake to switch on standby lights.

How many minutes does it take to fully charge a SPL standby lights capacitor for a first time user?
More than 20 minutes ride. Although the capacitor has been fully charged when we tested the product before ship out.

After the first time charge (standby lights capacitor), will the standby lights be always lit when I hold the brake?
Yes, because the capactor is always charged by bike's movement, unless you did something wrong, for example:
(1) There is no enough gap between metal needle and rear brake part.
(2) Your bike's rear-wheel brake is not in good working order (when you release the brake, the switch still contacted).
(3) When you park your bike, parking rail accidentally touched rear brake and switch on the standby lights, eventually emptied the capacitor. To avoid this, please make sure install the switch at left side of rear brake (as on our instructions).

Could I switch off the flashing lights in day time?
No. Unless you insert a switch in the system by your-self.

I have a strange bike which needs extra wires between front and back, how do I do?
You can insert wires (in any length) as you like. Please make sure do not mix up the colour of wires. Fail to do so, the light system will not work. The best way to connect wires together is soldering.

There are disc-brakes on my bike, could I use the standby lights switch on them?
Not sure. We did not test this. Some customers told us they installed the switch on disk brake successfully.

What is standby light?
When you are stopped on road (for example stopped by red traffic light), and hold rear-wheel brake, 2 front white LEDs and 3 rear red LEDs (standby lights) will be switched on for about 2 minutes.

My bicycle wheel's spokes are not made from steel, so the moving magnets cannot be stuck on. What can I do?
Go to local bicycle repair shop, ask for one unwanted steel spoke. Cut to 2 pieces of 6cm length. Fix the 6cm spokes on your bike's spokes by tape, then install the moving magnets. Not only unwanted steel spoke, any steel or iron wires in 2-3mm diameter also work.

On my bike, generator unit always crash on moving magners (on spokes). In other words, the generator unit is not fixed on frame tube firmly. What is wrong?
1. As the instructions say, the two long screws (fix the generator unit on bicycle frame tube) must be screwed very tight. If you do not screw the generator unit on frame tube properly, the whole system will not work well, because you will not be able to keep a right gap between generator unit and moving magnets.
2. Make sure there is a piece of anti-slip sheet between generator units and bike frame tube before you tight the screws. Without the anti-slip sheet you will not be able to fix the generator unit on frame tube properly.

If the anti-slip sheet is missing, replace it with a rubber sheet (cut from old bicycel inner tube).

Your questions welcomed.