Standby Lights Switch Installation

Rear brake is in released position, the switch is open (Standby lights off)

Rear brake is working (cyclist holds the brake), the switch is closed (Standby lights on).

There are bicycyles has different designs of brake system, this switch can be installed on 99% of brake systems, only thing you need to do is adjust position of switch on brake wire and tight the screws. Also bend the silver wire part at a right position.

This standby lights switch is based on an idea -- Metal parts are electrically connected on a bicycle.

Do not forget! To test the standby lights switch, capacitor must be charged first. However, we fully charged the capacitor when we test every unit before shipment. But sometimes the capacitor maybe emptied accidentally in post.

Please note: As a first time user, you have to cycling your bicycle for about 30 minutes to charge the capacitor (if the capacitor is emptied). After the first-time charge, the capacitor will be always charged. When you hold rear brake, the energy stored in the capacitor will light up the 2 front white LEDs and 3 red LEDs at back for about 2 minutes or more (standby lights).

Click here for a short film of this standby lights switch's movement. 240kb file size, WMV (windows Medie Player File).