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Differences Between This Batteryless Bicycle Light and Other Bicycle Lights

Compare with other bicycle lights on market:

Battery Powered Lights (BPL) :
1. Kept In The Dark:  Batteries run out, usually when you need them most!
2. One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Landfill:  Where did you think those old batteries went?
3. Turn Off the Lights When You Leave:  BPL's need to be physically switched on/off each time.
4. Keep the Change:  Batteries cost both you and the environment.
5. Beware Thieves:  Portable BPL's are very easy to be stolen.
6. Don't Forget #3:  In most cases, the batteries' power is wasted by leaving the lights on after use them.

Traditional Dynamos:
1. Check Your Tires:  The tire scraping with traditional dynamos gives new meaning to the term "What a drag!".
2. Lighten Up!:   At very slow speeds, the lights go dim.
3. There She....:   At very high speeds, the bulbs can blow.
4. He's A Slippery One:   Generators can slip in the rain, just when you need those lights the most.

Solar Powered Lights (SPL):
1. All Your Eggs in One Basket:  If dark (raining) days continue, SPL's may lose power.
2. Charge It:   Who has time to wait for these to charge?
3. Outdoor:  SPL's must be left outdoor for many hours in day time to charge the batteries.

Early "Magnet and Coil" Designs (Since 30s')
Many people thought this new product was just more of the same. But they were wrong!

Earlier designs were made up of something like a stationary coil with lights is installed on bicycle, a moving magnet installed on a wheel. As the wheel is turning, the moving magnet passes by the coil and generates electricity to power the lights. In theory, those early designs are very simple and should work, but in the real world they do not. Why is this?

The early designs face a main problem: Because of bicycle wheel's structure, turning wheels on bicycle often sway from left to right. The wheel's swaying movement is caused by many things:
(1) When a bicycle is heavily loaded.
(2) When wheels are used for long time (become old).
(3) When rider is turning bicycle's direction.
(4) When a road is not flat.

Because the swaying movement of wheels, the gap between moving magnet and the coil is often changed. On early designs, the "gap" must be kept no more than 3mm, otherwise its power output will be reduced dramatically. Unless a bicycle is new or the wheels are in very good condition, it is very difficult to keep the gap within 3mm. People often have to leave a much large "gap" in order to avoid the moving magnets crash on the coil. (specially on back wheel)

This new product overcame this main problem, the "gap changing" between 3mm to 10mm will not effect the power output nearly as much. Because the moving magnets on wheel are not directly generating electricity.

Hand wind up generator bicycle light set

1. It needs wind up after while.
2. The hand wind up unit is set on handlebar of bicycle. There is electric cable between front generator unit and back red light unit. Because handlebar of bike is turning all the time when the bike is moving, after a period the cable will break.

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